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Meet the stars of the show!

Girly Girl
Girly Girl, my heart
Racing Name:  Nita’s Girlygirl

Raced At:  Birmingham Racetrack, Birmingham AL

Kennel:  Lomax Kennel

Raced From:  2004-2006

Races:  108

Sire:  Mocan Try

Dam:  Nita’s Mona Lisa

Date of Birth:  February 15, 2003

Bridge Date:  October 12th, 2010

Adoption Date: April 28, 2007

Adoption Kennel:  Maine Greyhound Placement Service

Girly Girl had a very successful career winning grade A and B races until April 11th, 2006 when she fractured her right hock.  The plan for Girly Girl was to send her back to her owner to serve as a brood mom.  It happened that representatives of Maine Greyhound Placement Service made a visit to the kennel shortly after Girly Girl’s injury and persuaded her trainer to release her into retirement.  Thus began Girly Girl’s adventure to Maine

Mumma came to MGPS looking to adopt her very first greyhound.  After walking a number of hounds, Scott Bruns put Girly Girl’s leash into her hand.  Girly Girl and Mumma had a walk and then a chat.  The deal was sealed with a nose snuffle to Mumma’s cheek.  Girly Girl began her next adventure as mentor, teacher and heart dog to her new Mumma.

Girly Girl excelled at her job of making Mumma a better person until December of 2009 when a limp turned into osteosarcoma.   Mumma and Girly Girl fought with everything in them to spend as much time together as possible.  Girly Girl braved amputation and multiple rounds of chemotherapy.  They were blessed with another year together.  She left her Mumma on a sunny fall day taking Mumma’s heart with her when she went.  

Blue, Mumma's Best Boy
Racing Name:  Royal Bluejay

Raced At:  Raynham-Taunton Greyhound Track, Raynham MA

Kennel:  Unknown

Raced From:  2005-2007

Races:  95

Sire:  Dungaree

Dam:  Royal Dream

Date of Birth:  December 10, 2003

Bridge Date:  January 16, 2016

Adoption Date: October 20, 2007

Adoption Kennel:  Maine Greyhound Placement Service

Blue had a reasonably successful racing career but he must have been incredibly frustrating for his owner and trainer.  If Blue felt like winning on a given day, he would win.  If he didn’t, he didn’t.  Blue had a competitive streak but he ran to please himself mostly.  After racing in grades B and C he worked his way to grade D and had his last run on May 26, 2007.  He made his way to Maine Greyhound Placement Service.

Mumma went to MGPS to adopt her second greyhound and she was determined to get a brother for Girly Girl.  Mumma let Scott know that she was looking for a low key, laid back male to fit in with our house vibe.  After walking several male hounds, Scott mentioned he had another one but he wasn’t really “low key.”  Out came Blue with his dark gray eye patches and stunning amber eyes.  I took hold of his leash and he proceeded to drag me up and down the driveway.  He was far too high-strung for our house but I was blinded by his beauty.  Home he came with Mumma. 

Blue spent his first year tearing Mumma’s rotator cuff and being a major handful in general.  But Mumma had a diamond in the rough.  She admits she didn’t really know this for sure at first but as Blue settled in to his retired life, his amazing personality revealed itself.  Blue has been teaching Mumma about patience and how best to uncover the laid back love sponge that was hiding just underneath the crazy surface.

Bettina, healer of broken hearts
Racing Name:  Mohican Heart

Raced At:  Twin River, Lincoln, RI

Kennel:  Unknown

Raced From:  March 2010-May 2010

Races: 9

Sire:  Heart Rumble

Dam:  Kiowa Mary Tammi

Date of Birth:  October 8, 2008

Bridge Date:  Never I Hope!

Adoption Date: November 13, 2010

Adoption Kennel:  Maine Greyhound Placement Service

Bettina had a very brief racing career.  She raced from March 1, 2010 to May 10, 2010.  Shortly after her arrival at the Twin River greyhound track in Rhode Island, the owners of the track agreed to shut the track down in return for monetary compensation.  It was determined that Bettina did not show enough promise as a racer to ship her to another track so she was retired.  Making her way to Maine Greyhound Placement Service at the tender age of 18 months, she spent 6 months waiting for her forever home.  Mo, as she was known at MGPS thought she had found her home when a family chose her and put a deposit down.  For reasons unknown, the adoption fell through and a month later a broken hearted Mumma found herself walking a little black greyhound around the grounds. 

Bettina had energy and plenty of love to give.  During their walk she demonstrated a number of times that she already thought Mumma was the bees knees.  Though Mumma wasn’t ready for any other greyhound, let alone crazy Mo, the small black greyhound came home to live with her new brother Blue and become Bettina.  Bettina kept Mumma so busy that she didn’t have a lot of time to think about whether or not this had been a good idea. 

Bettina is the bossy, entitled, class clown of our little kingdom.  She immediately started telling Blue what to do and it took her some time to learn that the same would not be the case with Mumma.  As Bettina settled into her life of retirement she to began to reveal the beautiful personality that was just underneath the spastic nut job.  Bettina is teaching her Mumma more about patience, first aid and that a broken heart is still capable of deep love. 

Dennis -Hallo Prospect
Racing Name:  Hallo Prospect

Raced At:  Wheeling Downs W.V., Derby Lane FL, Sanford-Orlando FL

Kennel:  Steubenville

Raced From:  2014-2015

Races:  70

Sire:  Kiowa Myth

Dam:  TMC’s Allheart

Date of Birth:  August 8, 2012

Bridge Date:  Never I Hope!

Adoption Date: March 9, 2016

Adoption Kennel:  Fast Friends

Dennis had 70 races under his belt but we can’t figure out why they let him race so many times before retiring him.  He never made it out of grade D and he had only two 1st places (one was during his training races).  Most of the time he placed 6th, 7th or 8th.  It must have been the fact that he was so handsome and personable that kept him at the track.  Because once you get to know Dennis, it’s hard to think about not being around him. 

Dennis suffered an injury to one of his back legs and lost part of a toe as a result.  We’re not sure if this was a racing injury (most likely) and possibly what retired him.  His last race was on July 24th, 2015.  From there he made his way to Fast Friends in New Hampshire. 

Mumma was grieving the loss of Blue when she came across Dennis’ photo on Facebook.  There was something about that face.  It stopped her in her tracks.  Soon Bettina and Mumma were on their way to New Hampshire to meet Dennis.  And a little while thereafter, the lovely people at Fast Friends were bringing Dennis to Maine to begin his real retirement in his forever home.

Dennis has been the easiest of all of Mumma’s greyhounds so far with respect to settling in to retired life and learning the routine.  Somehow we always end up with diamonds but this one doesn’t need as much polishing as a couple of the others we could name J.  Dennis is super sweet, loving and enthusiastic.   Despite Mumma’s early emotional struggles with bringing in a new hound after Blue, Dennis managed to completely win her over and convince her that passing him by would have been the biggest mistake she had ever made.

Blue spent his first year tearing Mumma’s rotator cuff and being a major handful in general.  But Mumma had a diamond in the rough.  She admits she didn’t really know this for sure at first but as Blue settled in to his retired life, his amazing personality revealed itself.  Blue has been teaching Mumma about patience and how best to uncover the laid back love sponge that was hiding just underneath the crazy surface.


Mumma doesn’t remember exactly how she stumbled across her first information about greyhounds but it was at least 10 years before she adopted Girly Girl that she dreamed about being in a place where she could bring home one of these beautiful dogs. 

Mumma, a lifelong Mainer, currently resides in a little town called Bowdoin.  She works for a wonderful company and her job allows her to work from home.  She considers her life with greyhounds to be one of the most important things that ever happened to her.  She is an expert poop scooper and poop flinger.  In her spare time she ferries two bossy greyhounds to Grammy’s, meet and greets, play dates and other hound events.

Her current life goals are to raise money to aid in finding the cure for osteosarcoma and to find the perfect “life enrichment” toys for the furry children.