I Remember...

Girly Girl Greyhound under cover

I remember you my sweet girl.  Today would have been your 11th birthday.  


A Moral Tale - Table Manners

Blue greyhound and the peanut butter jar
A greyhound is always neat and presentable.

Blue greyhound loves peanut butter
A greyhound always has good table manners.
Bettina greyhound is not shy around peanut butter
And then there's Bettina...
Bettina greyhound and peanut butter jar
Gotta get every...last....drop....

Bettina greyhound eats the peanut butter jar
Can you eat the jar too?
Bettina greyhound-I know there's more down there
I can see it, there's more at the bottom.
Bettina greyhound - MINE