One. More or less.

One more stubborn, tough as nails, “iron core magnolia,” Alabama girl gone the way of the old south.

One less belly to rub in the sun.

One more lonely blue loofah doggie (a cherished favorite).

One less fear of doors.

One more set of knees saved from the exuberance of a Mexican jumping hound.

One less champion helicopter queen.

One more human at a loss about where to go because her human herder is missing.

One less adoring “Grammy’s Girl.”

One more snake safe in the world because the “Snake Hunter” has gone.

One less cold nose and wistful look demanding (and getting) half the couch.

One more wild strawberry patch left unmolested.

One less pair of Elizabeth Taylor eyes.

One more army of well-loved squeaky toys, now silent.

One less bed carefully arranged, rearranged, arranged again until it is perfect.

One more retired racer felled by osteosarcoma.

One less heart dog in the world.

One big empty space in MY world.

One half of my heart suddenly gone forever.

My one.

In memory of Girly Girl



  1. I'm so so sorry to read this news. I lost my first hound Schniff earlier this year. It is the most horrid feeling. Big hugs from us down here.

  2. I'm so sorry! Your post is beautiful! I lost my heart Grey to a spinal tumor two and a half years ago and I still miss her. Our hearts are with you!

  3. I am so so terribly sad for you. So sad. Tons of hugs. I have been there more than once and I *know* there are no words to make the pain lessen, only time. She will be with you in your heart for ever.

    Again, many hugs to you, she is the brightest star in the sky tonigh and her love will shine down on your forever.

  4. I am so sorry.

    What a wonderful tribute, and she was gorgeous!

    Of course this sounds cliche, but she is in a better place now, watching over you!

  5. I am so sorry. Osteosarcoma is a beast that has reared it's ugly head far too many times.

    Your tribute to Girly Girl is beautiful, probably one of the best I have ever read. You told her story so well.

  6. I'm so sorry. They are never with us long enough. Godspeed Girly Girl.

  7. So sorry she lost the fight. Have tears in my eyes reading this.

  8. We are so sorry for your loss.
    It's so hard when they go.
    All the best to you and yours.


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