The Queen is Dead. Long Live the Queen.

From time to time I still write a piece about my heart dog Girly Girl. Losing her to osteosarcoma was incredibly painful and I think about her every day since she left me. Sometimes the pain of that loss is closer to the surface than others. This past weekend was one of those times. 
Maisey greyhound at MGPS Open House 2012
Maisey at MGPS' Annual Open House

Maine Greyhound Placement Service held its annual open house. Girly Girl was my first hound and I remember the day she picked me when I paid a visit there like it all happened just yesterday. Part of the open house weekend is about remembering and honoring all our hounds that crossed the bridge. So I guess it isn’t surprising that that wound felt like it had been ripped open yet again.

But the annual open house is also a time when I can count on seeing Maisey. Maisey is a beautiful brindle girl who was known as Nita’s Daisy during her racing days. Maisey has adopted a wonderful family who loves her quite a lot. Maisey also happens to be a near twin to my sweet Girly Girl. It’s not chance that they have such a strong resemblance. Girly Girl was known as Nita’s Girlygirl when she was racing. They came from the same breeder. Girly Girl was born in February of 2003 and Maisey was born in May of 2003. Amazingly they didn’t share the same mother or father but they do share the same grandfather and great-grandfather. They are the spitting image of their great-grandfather HB’s Commander.

Maisey and Girly Girl both raced out of the same kennel in Birmingham Alabama. Both ladies were good racers and both retired from racing in 2006 (April for Girly Girl, December for Maisey) due to a hock fracture of the same leg. I am not sure if they ever raced each other, but they did meet in retirement at various meet and greets here in Maine.

Maisey has a personality and temperament strikingly similar to Girly Girl’s as well. Both hounds are/were reserved. Not really shy, just private. Maisey does not fawn on people and she chooses very carefully who she will love. The list is not long. The rest of us, she tolerates. Girly Girl was exactly the same. Maisey’s family and I noticed at our very first meeting how alike the girls were and we have a special bond thanks to these sisters from another mother.
Blue and Girly Girl greyhound in backyard
Girly Girl with Blue

But most importantly for me is that Maisey is still here. I would give just about anything to have Girly Girl back. But I know that can never happen. Still, I get to see what my girl would have looked like and been like as she aged by spending time with Maisey. I can see that my girl would have been the most spectacular old lady, just as Maisey is becoming. While I am not on Maisey’s short list of people she loves (wouldn’t that have been too perfect), she does allow me be in her presence and that is enough. While Maisey still exists, it feels like a little piece of my girl still has a toe hold in this world. Long live the Queen.


  1. A Queen wouldn't be royalty if she let everybody in her inner circle :) Stella is my first grey (aka HeartDog), who had HB"s Commander as a grand-daddy, and I know she won't always be with me, and just the thought brings tears to my eyes.

  2. My heart hurts for you. I know you miss your girl. That is a beautiful picture of Girly Girl with Blue. Hugs, hugs, hugs to you.


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