I Remember When....

Lady Flame and her dad, Drew, on her adoption day  (Photo courtesy of MND Family Blog)
There are so many great things about the adoption of a greyhound.  Some friends of ours brought their first greyhound home on Saturday.  Lady Flame has now begun her transformation from retired racing greyhound to beloved family member.  Lady's new mom, Laurie, has been keeping us apprised of her adventures via email and their blog, Maine Nature Diary Family Blog.  

Girly Girl greyhound adoption day
Girly Girl on her adoption day
The beginning of their lives as a trio very much reminds me of my Saturdays at MGPS when I brought home each of my babies, Girly Girl, Blue and then Bettina.  I think it's universal (at least it is with all the greyhound people I've spoken with), you just never forget your first day with any of the hounds that share your life.  I remember so well the excitement of that morning when you get up and get ready for your appointment at the kennel.  Then you get there and start meeting greyhounds.  As each one comes out you think, "Is this the one?  Is this my baby?"  And sometimes there is a little disappointment when that one wasn't your baby but then the next one comes out.  But finally you meet THE one and it clicks.  You know it, the hound knows it and you open your mouth and make that lifetime commitment.  Then, while the paperwork is being completed, you are beside yourself with excitement to get that leash into your hand for good, but also a little fearful.  What have you gotten into?  Will it work out?  Did I make the right decision?  Still, your heart knows you made the exact right decision.  
Blue greyhound on adoption day
Blue on his adoption day

Lady's parents spent a great deal of time preparing for her arrival.  They did a ton of research on greyhounds in general and on the specific greyhounds at the MGPS.  It helped that they had been dog caretakers before, though greyhounds were a new breed for them.  They read a number of "raising greyhound" type books.  They attended numerous meet and greets as well as the MGPS Open House.  They carefully researched food choices and veterinarians.  They shopped for all the necessities they would need before she arrived.  They even held off on making their adoption appointment so they could get their yard fenced in for their new adoptee. 

I remember that I had conducted a lot of research before adopting Girly Girl.  I read every book on greyhound care that I could put my hands on.  I attended meet and greets.  I got my supplies in order before GG's arrival.  But Laurie and Drew eclipsed my level of preparedness by far.  It makes so much sense to know what you are getting into before you jump in.  If everyone who adopted a greyhound put in half the time that Lady's mom and dad did to learn about the breed before bringing one home, I think there would be a zero percent bounce back rate. 

Bettina greyhound on adoption day
Bettina on her adoption day
 We are so thrilled for Lady Flame.  She doesn't really know it yet, but she picked herself a first rate mom and dad.  Lady is now busy learning about stairs, houses, treats, soft beds, human furniture and all the other things that civilian life brings.  She's in culture shock but she's already on the path to becoming a loving family member.  In the meantime, the greater greyhound family is rejoicing that another hound has found a forever home, cheering Lady's family on and fondly remembering those days when we each brought our needlenose kids home.


  1. I am SO HAPPY for them. I know they are going to love Lady Flame. If ever there was a dog that appreciates fussing and accessories, it's a greyhound. I checked out their blog and will follow along with Lady Flame's adventures.

  2. So happy another greyhound is going to a great home.

  3. I'm so happy and excited for them! It sounds like Lady Flame chose a perfect new family. I hope they have a great journey together!

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