Sunday in the Park

This Sunday we attended Gallivant with the Greyhounds.  This is an annual fundraiser for the Maine Greyhound Placement Service.  Greyhounds from all over Maine gather in our state capital, Augusta to promenade the hounds around Capital Park.  It's a beautiful little park across from the state capital building.  The weather and foliage was perfect.  This year they raised over $3000 for MGPS.

Besides all the important reasons for being there, it's also a fun day where the hounds get to hang out with each other, with adoring greyhound fanatics and the public gets to enjoy something you don't see everyday.  The parade is kicked off by the King and Queen (top fundraising hounds) complete with crowns.  Then about all the hounds fall into place as the entire entourage walks the circumference of the park.  If you've never met a greyhound, coming upon 30 or more of them in the park is quite an experience.

Bettina and Blue took part since Mumma went to take photographs.  Bettina made the full walk of the park but did balk a number of times.  I think she was a bit upset that she didn't get a crown but we're chalking it up to the gravel walkway wreaking havoc on her tender paws.  Despite Bettina's complaints, it was great fun and a successful event.  Thanks to Sharon Eugely for spearheading it again this year!

Gallivant with the Greyhounds Group Shot 2012

Ki-Lee greyhound

Gallivant with the Greyhounds 2012

Norm, Garwood and Lewie at Gallivant with the Greyhounds 2012

Blue and Valor greyhound get some love

Gallivant with the Greyhounds 2012 2

Blue and Bettina greyhound

King and Queen kick off the Gallivant with the Greyhounds 2012

Auntie Carol, Bettina and Blue greyhound gallivanting

Gallivant with the Greyhounds 2012 3

Gallivant with the Greyhounds 2012 4


Gallivant with the Greyhounds 2012 5


  1. I've met Sharon and Ki-Lee a couple of times at GIG! She is so sweet! And it looks like a great time was had by all!

  2. Stately hounds in a Stately setting! Perfect!

  3. She definitely deserved a crown.


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