The Turkeys That Almost Got Away

Turkeys!  Wheres the roasting pan?I was working along yesterday trying to get important work type stuff done. My dedicated and intense concentration on my work was shattered by the sound of Bettina barking in the living room. Bettina barking, in and of itself, is not generally cause for alarm. In fact, much of the time it’s not even a cause for interest. Bettina is, shall we say “chatty” for a greyhound. There was something about the tone and inflection of this bark that made me pause and then head down the hall to investigate.

I rounded the corner into the living room to find my small black greyhound precariously perched on the back of the sofa, staring intently out of the picture window and barking. I’ve heard that particular bark before. It’s a combination of frustration and giving someone (or a piggy watering can) a royal telling off. By this time I was intensely curious about what may be out the window. I joined her there and looked out. I saw nothing out of the ordinary. A lot of snow, the neighbors empty fields. No creature was stirring.

Look the turkeys brought their friends
Then I looked down and saw some fat wild turkeys pecking about the driveway. They were close enough to our front door as to almost be on the doorstep. There were three more of their fat turkey friends working the side of the road across the street. It appeared to have been a good year for our wild turkey friends. Despite the little black wolf scaling the sofa and barking at them from close range, the turkeys seemed wholly unphased.

Ever the photographer, I ran for my camera. I started clicking away like a mad woman. I was getting incredible images. I was getting turkey portraits up close and shots of Bettina on Mount Couch glaring down the fat turkey invaders. This was photography and blogging gold!  At some point I looked down to get a quick peek at what I was capturing only to see the last fabulous image I had taken on the LCD screen with the message “No Card.”

Arrrrrgggghhhh! Setting aside the fact that this is a MAJOR rookie mistake in photography, all my amazing photos were gone. Still, being an intrepid photographer and blogger, I did not give up. I dug frantically around and found a card for the camera. Of course this card absolutely refused to fit into the slot that was designed specifically for it. After some fumbling around I jammed it in several times until I could finally close the cover.

I got some not as good pictures of a couple of the turkeys hanging out at the end of our driveway and I managed to coax Blue out of his crate to look at them out the side window since by this time Bettina was bored and refused to look out the window for any reason. She lay on the couch like an empress pretending she didn't hear my pleas to get up and see the yummy turkeys.  Though jealousy and self-interest did goad her to join Blue at the window briefly to ensure she wasn’t missing something really cool.


  1. You have me laughing my head off. There is nothing quite so desperate as a blogger who is missing premium photos.

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Of all the blogging Greyhounds I know, Bettina is at the top of the list of hounds I most want to meet someday! I hate it when you forget the darned card!

  3. I hate it when I miss shots due to human error. Usually for me, a knob gets turned as I pull the camera out of the bag, and I shoot without checking. Now I check all my settings every time I grab the camera.

  4. I can't tell you how many times I wish I had my camera with me to capture something Luna is doing. I've learned to always carry a camera with me just in case. Leash, poop bags, camera.

  5. LOL! Been there and done that! It's truly awful to miss out on good blog fodder. I try to take my camera on every walk, but on the rare occasion I don't, Murphy's Law usually presents a perfect photo-op! C'est la vie!

  6. Oh I hate that! I have a DSLR and I wish it had some sort of internal memory!

  7. Hahaha! Isn't that typical greyhound behaviour? Do something of huge interest, then as soon as the camera is actually ready to record it, stop!

    Funny story though. I can just see her perched on the back of the sofa, and I KNOW that bark!! Jeffie is our 'guard grey', and takes his duties very seriously.

    Oh, and I've done that, too. Except that my camera refuses to release the shutter with no card so I can only click once. Or attempt to!


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