It’s Love!

We have been suffering from severe emotional trauma since our favorite vet in the world; Dr. Edelbaum left the practice in Brunswick and thus far, has not returned to active practice in Maine.  She saw us through Girly Girl’s cancer battle and even came to our house, bringing a vet tech with her, so that I could give Girly Girl the peaceful and loving send off that my brave girl so deserved.  Last we heard she was considering going into research.  While we know she’ll be absolutely fabulous at that to it is a loss for the pet owning people in Maine.  We have been a bit of a boat adrift at sea with respect to ongoing medical care for Blue and Bettina.

We did manage to find a good replacement for Dr. Edelbaum in the person of Dr. Barbara Perkins at the Turner Veterinary Service.  She was seeing several other greyhounds we knew and she came with a good recommendation.  We liked her but Turner is a bit of a hike from our house.  I’m willing to drive almost anywhere to ensure Blue and Bettina get great care with someone we trust but making the long drive in an emergency (such as when Bettina had her skin tear) worries me.  What if the emergency were one of my kids not breathing?  A 45 minute trip to our vet would essentially mean the end of the road for someone.

With these things in mind, we were hopeful when Grammy discovered a new vet practice in Topsham, closer to us than even Dr. Edelbaum was.  The new vet is named Amy Ruksznis and her practice is called the Topsham Veterinary Wellness Center.  Grammy contacted her and quizzed the poor woman to within an inch of her life with respect to care and treatment of greyhounds.  Dr. Amy passed Grammy’s initial testing so Fox and Crandall got an appointment to go see her.  Grammy came back from that visit with great things to say about Dr. Amy.  Well, of course we had to go see her as well.  Could it actually be true that a great vet has popped up in our back yard?

Blue greyhound and Dr Amy Ruksznis
Blue and Dr. Amy Ruksznis, our new pedianarian
It was absolutely true!  Blue and Bettina went to see Dr. Amy on a recent Saturday.  Our appointment was at 8a.  Now, eight comes only once on my clock on Saturdays.  And it ain’t 8a.  So the fact that I had to drag my behind out of bed early, shower, feed everyone and be at Dr. Amy’s doorstep by 8a meant that she better be walking on water.  Katie, Dr. Amy’s assistant/tech greeted us.  They brought us right into a nice big exam room.  They had laid a rug down on the floor because they knew about bony hounds and hard surfaces.  Blue was especially appreciative of this kindness.  Katie spent a long time going over history, concerns, etc with us.  She then took out a few stuffy squeaky toys and left them for the kids to play with while she briefed Dr. Amy.

Blue and Bettina didn’t feel like playing.  Instead they wanted to go with Katie.  I jumped up to grab their leashes before they could escape the room but Katie said it was fine to let them explore since we were the only ones there are the time.  I watched them follow her out the door and down the hall.  It wasn’t long before I could hear Katie and Dr. Amy making a fuss over them somewhere in the building.  In between discussion about Blue and Bettina’s history, there would be exclamations over how cute or how sweet Blue and Bettina were. 

Shortly the parade of hounds returned behind Katie and Dr. Amy, sans leashes.  Katie had taken their leashes off so they would not get caught on anything.  Dr. Amy is young.  And she’s pretty hip for someone with medical training.  We discussed the kids, what they eat, a little about them, what their medical history was, shots, prescriptions etc.  We talked for some time.  Then Dr. Amy got on the floor and gave both Blue and Bettina a thorough examination.  She addressed all my concerns and we talked about a dental appointment for Blue which is set for this coming Friday (yikes, hate having my big guy going under anesthesia).  Blue’s blood was drawn in prep for the upcoming anesthesia and then I got a tour of the new facility. 

Katie and Dr. Amy spent about an hour with us and I was even given a 50% discount on the appointment fee because we requested our first appointment via the website.  They took pictures of Blue and Bettina and later that afternoon they were posted to Topsham Veterinary Wellness Center’s Facebook page.  Dr. Amy even visited Yes I Know My Dogs Look Funny and left us a comment.  I hesitated about writing our experience up on the blog because we are in love and don’t want to share her.  On consideration though, it was too good not to share and we wouldn’t have found Dr. Amy and Katie if Grammy hadn’t shared with us.

 It seems a funny thing that the vet plays such a pivotal role in our lives.  But ours does.  In reality our vet is more like a pediatrician since these are my kids.  Maybe a pedianarian?  And honestly I didn’t even realize just how much this had been weighing on me until we had this appointment and I came out of it feeling as though we had just won a lottery.  In a way, I suppose we did!  


  1. Our greyhound-savvy vet is 45 minutes away. Definitely not good for emergencies. Because of Jaime, we are now very familiar with our local emergency vet (where the specialty surgeon and oncologist are also located). Thank you for leaving a comment about your experience with Girly Girl. I won't worry so much when she squeals now and again.

  2. Our Greyhound savvy vet isn't super close to us, either, and they charge a fortune to walk in the door, but I've been really resistant to change because I know that he knows Greyhounds so well. I am SO glad you found somebody so fantastic!

  3. I'm so happy for you. What a relief to have someone you trust so close by.

  4. We used to go to a vet that we didn't like who's treatment of our chihuahuas bordered on cruel until a friend told us about her vet who she had been happy with for many years. I have never been so happy with any vet, if she moves we will have to go with her, lol. Glad you found a great vet too!

    1. We're laughing because we already told everyone we know that if Dr. Amy moves, we're going to!

  5. I agree with you 100%. I will drive a long way to visit a vet I believe in and will cut a wide swath around one I don't. Glad you found her and hope she stays a long, long time. We'll be thinking about Blue (and you!) Friday.

  6. I am happy for you! It is important to have a vet that you trust and feel comfortable with.

    My vet, purely by coincidence, has two corgis (Pems in his case) so at least I know he is familiar with the odd body type of a corgi. However, there are a few areas where we aren't quite as in sync. On the other hand, he's quite close to my house.

  7. Yay for finding a new vet - one who sounds just right! Our pups cannot speak for themselves so placing trust in a new doggie doctor is so tricky. Henry sends a "Wuff" your way. Henry's human sends her congratulations on the discovery!

  8. Congratulations on finding a vet you love! I have a similar problem, with the clinic I love being 90 minutes away - but we go there for important things. We have local vets that we use for easy problems, and especially emergencies.


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