5 Sounds That Make My Dogs Come Running

In July I read a post on the blog My Brown Newfies with this title.  Boy if you own a greyhound and you're ever feeling annoyed by the amount of hair your hound sheds or how much space they take up, skip on over to this blog and read about two of the most lovable Newfies in the blogosphere and rejoice that your dogs don't eat as much as these guys do!  The post was very funny and started me thinking about the sounds that make my dogs come running.  At the end of the post she invited us to share so I thought, I will.  With all of you!

So here are the top 5 sounds that make my dogs come running to investigate (In no particular order):

1.  My Closet Door-They usually hear this sound in the morning and that is how they know for sure I have
Bettina greyhound enjoys the last atom of cottage cheese
finally stopped hitting snooze on the alarm clock, gotten out of bed and am preparing myself to face the day.  That also means that very shortly after the sound of the closet door, they will be getting breakfast.

2.  My Shower Curtain-I work at home.  So it isn’t always of paramount importance that I look pretty or smell nice.  Sometimes I don’t shower for a day or two if I’m feeling very lazy.  But I always shower before leaving the house.  Being the inveterate gamblers that Blue and Bettina are, they come running as soon as they hear the shower curtain open on the good chance it means I’ll be leaving the house.  I am under constant surveillance from that moment until they have finally determined that, yes I am leaving and I am taking them or no, I’m not leaving after all and I look pretty well ensconced on that couch.

3.  Keys-I would suspect this one is on everyone’s list.  For the obvious reason.

Blue the greyhound stares down his marrow bone
4.   Fridge Door-Also probably on everyone’s list.  For those same obvious reasons.  For my kids it could mean string cheese, or yogurt, or a marrow bone, or a frozen peanut butter bone, or ….

5.  The Child Gate Guarding the Entrance to the Basement-This can often times mean that I’m going downstairs to pick out one of their fancy collars, or some other accessory of torture in which to dress them up.  Why would they care about that?  Because the payoff for accepting this treatment is that we are going out and they are likely to see other people, other greyhounds, or both.  At the very least it means I have gone out of their sight and that is never acceptable.  They generally stand at the top of the stairs behind the gate and whine.  If I leave the gate unhooked, Bettina will stick her head through the gap and stare down into the abyss until it belches me back up.

My kids also get pretty excited about any visitor at the door, the noise the dump trucks make when they pass the house and any move I might make in the vicinity of their food bowls.  What makes your kids come running?


  1. The doorbell! Gah! All hell breaks loose when someone rings that blasted thing! My neighbor's teenagers take particular delight in ringing the bell several times, just to really rev up the boys.

  2. Definitely car keys, me getting up from the computer if they've decided it's getting close to walk time. Not so much the fridge door ... unless they've worked out we might be going for a walk in which case opening the fridge door means I'm getting treats ready :) They're not worried about me being out of their sight. Beryl is usually asleep on my bed ... until she hears me stealthily pick up the car keys! We don't get many visitors so that's exciting here too.

  3. What a great post. Coat closet opening, definitely, because that's where the leads are kept. My favorite though is bed time. Freedom, Casper & Nikki are strict enforcers of my husband's bed time. He'd better go in around 9:30 pm or else they start the intimidation cycle of springing up any time he moves, going over to him and staring at him...intensely. Often he'll go in to bed even if he wants to stay up later because they are such pests.

  4. My kids seem to know when it's the weekend, and though they won't get up when we go for the back door on any given weekday, we can't get near it on a weekend without everyone following along like we're all going somewhere exciting.

  5. Ha ha ha! I think several of them lie in wait for the alarm clock to go off. It starts off the get out of bed party! We also share a lot of the same ones you have.

    However, the best sound in our house is the rattle of the cookie jar! It's the only thing that gets hubby and I both in bed at the same time.

  6. Mom honks her car when she gets home, and of course the dogs race to see her. But sometimes a car will honk on the TV, and they'll run to meet her and come back confused.


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