In Celebration of Our GG

This year Grammy asked me if she could also write a post in honor of Girly Girl.   And really who better than the Grammy she loved only slightly less than she loved me to share with you all the best parts of Girly Girl.

Girly Girl left us far too early but in her short tenure with us she taught us so much.  She was sent to my daughter to show her there is indeed unconditional love; also that everyone makes mistakes, even if done out of love.  She showed her how to enjoy the moment, look at the world from two feet off the ground.  How to enjoy what you have instead of what you want and how what you want is not always what you need. 

Not all lessons were learned in total but they opened the door.  How ‘regret’ and ‘guilt’ are tremendous wastes of energy with little return value.

How exterior appearances mean little when it comes to true love and the small can be mighty.
Blue, Grammy and Girly Girl
One of Mumma's favorite photos of all time.  Blue, Grammy and Girly Girl

Her eyes were chocolate and simmering with warmth, and melted the hardest heart.  But she didn’t give her love out lightly.  She was particular and only knew two depths of affection; the deepest love and respectful indifference.

She taught us what true strength was.  The quiet, determined, accepting strength  that is so hard to acquire.  She would have continued to live on if given the option, blood coming from her nose, pain racking her body, she would have lived on.  But the final lesson was the toughest ~ to know when to let go.

Sleep softly our darling princess.

~ Her Grammy


  1. Girly Girl's Grammy is a very wise woman and Girly Girl was a very wise girl ... dog doesn't seem the right word for her. We can all learn a lot from our dogs if we are only prepared to observe, respect and be open to learning. That is a truly beautiful photo, one I'm sure you and Gammy both treasure. Thank Gammy for sharing her lovely tribute with us.

  2. Grammy...this is beautiful. You are an incredible writer. I didn't know Girly Girl, but your observations and love tell so much. What a noble life.

  3. What a beautiful post :)

  4. I adore that photo, and these words about Girly Girl are beautiful! She left you with some wonderful memories and lessons.

  5. What a great photo of GG with her Grammy. GG was a great teacher.

  6. So much love! Thanks for the beautiful photo and the words of wisdom and love.

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