A Moral Tale - Table Manners

Blue greyhound and the peanut butter jar
A greyhound is always neat and presentable.

Blue greyhound loves peanut butter
A greyhound always has good table manners.
Bettina greyhound is not shy around peanut butter
And then there's Bettina...
Bettina greyhound and peanut butter jar
Gotta get every...last....drop....

Bettina greyhound eats the peanut butter jar
Can you eat the jar too?
Bettina greyhound-I know there's more down there
I can see it, there's more at the bottom.
Bettina greyhound - MINE


  1. That's quite a fierce glare in the last photo!

  2. I wonder if they had a tummy ache later!

    Really interesting and cute photos!

  3. I love these photos! Bettina, please don't ever change!

  4. Haha, I can see Beryl doing the same if I had a jar of PB that big! She's no lady when it comes to PB jars either :)

  5. Don't want to stand between Bettina and her peanut butter :)

  6. Well done, Bettina! PB wild woman!

  7. I would have to have two jars as George would pee all over the house in frustration at not having a jar of his own. Padfoot would definitely hog the jar. He goes all Pavlovian on me every time I drag it out!

  8. HAHA good thing it is such a big jar so she can stick her whole face in there!

  9. She is adorable! I love how elegant she looks with her face inside the jar. Beautiful dog.

    My dog could never stick his face in a jar like that...he is a Bichon Frizze with a very short and chubby face, but he can jump and pick a piece of toast from the table !!!


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