June is Adopt-A-Cat Month

Recently Bettina discovered it was Adopt-A-Cat Month.  Since then there has been a running conversation in our house.

Bettina:  Mumma! Mumma!  Mumma! Mumma!

Mumma:  What Bettina?  Can’t you see that Mumma is trying to eat?

Bettina:  It is Adopt-A-Cat Month.

Mumma:  OK thanks for that information.

Bettina:  We need to adopt a few cats.

Mumma:  I don’t think that is a great idea.

Bettina:  Oh but it is.  Maybe a nice fat juicy one, and a couple older and slower ones.  If you can get them all declawed, I’d appreciate it.
I know I saw one in here once

Mumma:  Did you say juicy?

Bettina:  I meant cute and cuddly.

Mumma:  Bettina remember what happened last time we had a cat around the house?

Bettina:  Yes and I still haven’t forgiven you for that.

Mumma:  Forgiven me?  You’re the one who spent three days trying to eat it.

Bettina:  And that last day I almost had it at the fence.  I can still taste it…  OK if we can’t have three cats how about one?  I’ll settle for fat and juicy, I mean cuddly.

Mumma:  Are you drooling?  Sister, we will never be adopting a cat.  That is the nicest thing we can do for kitties during June.

Bettina:  I wish someone else had adopted me. 

Mumma:  Yes Princess you do have the worst luck.

Bettina:  Mumma! Mumma! Mumma! Mumma!

Mumma:  What Bettina? 

Bettina:  Can I have 10 cookies?


  1. Bwaaaaa ha ha! I think we need to do some research and see if Bettina and Flattery are related! This is the best adopt a cat post I've read all month!

  2. When I first got Fleur, she had the same sentiments, but turned out to be trainable. I really like this post! Wonderful!

  3. I think Bettina might be appeased with cat-shaped cookies for the entire month :)

  4. Definitely no kitties in our house either! I can't believe you may have seen Dinah! Very small world!

  5. Um yes, we're very interested in adopting cats here too ... they don't even have to be covered in gravy! I discovered after moving here that a neighbour has 15 cats, 2 years later he still has 15 cats. They're very fast and very lucky, so far.


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