How to Treat Separation Anxiety

I have a second job.  It involves working in local Petcos and talking to people about Blue Buffalo dog food.  In my day job, I get to work from home, so I spend all day, every day with the kids.  But since I got the second job, I now have to leave them for 4-5 hours a week.  I know everyone says you need to leave them alone at times or they’ll get separation anxiety.  The problem is they do pretty well when I go out.  I’m the one who has separation anxiety.
Bettina and Blue from the web cam
Bettina hanging out on the couch and Blue in his crate (web cam photo)

I figured the only way I would have any peace of mind would be to somehow be in touch with them while I was at my “other” work.  At first I would just call and talk on the answering machine.  That’s great if they were missing me but it wasn’t really doing anything for my anxiety.

So I asked for, and received, a web cam from Santa.  I set it up and I was so pleased to be able to see the kids I decided to get a second one.  The second camera has infrared so I can see the house in the dark (although I do leave lights on for the kids if I’m going to out at night). 

I have gone along blissfully checking on my kids while I am away from the house.  I can see if they’re just hanging out or where they’re laying.  I can see Bettina run back and forth to the back door to see if that noise was me coming home.  I can watch Blue’s cute ears pop straight up when HE thinks that noise was me coming home.  I can even take snapshots of them from afar and save them to my phone.

One day while at Petco, watching my dogs, I happened to show the feed to one of the Petco employees.  Being a fellow animal lover I figured she'd think it was funny, or cute.  Instead she looked at me with an utterly horrified face and said, “YOU ARE SPYING ON THEM!”  I was taken a bit aback as I had never considered it from that angle.  I was only considering my peace of mind.  Was I spying on them?  Was I as crazy as she was making me feel?

Bettina and Blue from the other web cam
Here they are from the other web cam
Are my greyhounds entitled to some measure of privacy?  They don’t give me any privacy.  They accompany me everywhere I go, even into the bathroom.  One or both of them is always somewhere they can keep a close eye on me.  There is nothing sacred when you have a greyhound.

A web cam is an accepted training tool.  Just watch the show Lucky Dog on CBS.  That guy makes extensive use of web cams.  They are priceless when trying to monitor and correct behavior.

I looked at her a little askance and said, “No I’m not.”  I threw out all the reasons I could think of that a web cam was a good idea.  She looked at me like I had a couple heads and begged to differ with me.  I was spying on my dogs.

I guess you win some and you lose some but I’m not shutting off my web cameras.  In fact, I’m thinking of adding some in other parts of the house.  I’ve read about some web cams that allow 2-way communication.  Maybe one of those next.  But no way am I shutting them off.  It’s either that or they’re going to have to crate me while I’m at Petco.


  1. I want to understand how the cam connects to your phone so I can possibly do the same thing.!
    It's not spying, it's parenting!

  2. I would love to have one of those! I don't think you're spying but I would totally be spying on Leroy if I had one :)

  3. I would love to have one of those, although I suspect I'd mostly see them just sleeping all day! Way cool and not spying at all!

  4. Definitely NOT spying, just soothing your own nerves. It not like you are reading their diary or anything. You're not doing that, are you? That would be spying ;-)

    1. No I'm not reading their diaries, I can't find them!

  5. You are not spying on them! I have one and I also have used the web cam on my laptop too. I am getting a new foster this weekend, so I will probably be using both again.

  6. If I wasn't so damn lazy I'd have something like this set up for me. Have you got an iPad? There is an app called Presence (I think) that you can set up as a spy (kidding!) cam. I've been meaning to do that for months. Trouble is it's a whole new side of technology for me and I really don't feel like my brain can cope with working it out right now. I say well done you!

  7. I'm right there with you on the separation anxiety! Lol! They are totally fine when I leave! It's me. I love the webcam idea!


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