A Stinky McStinkerton By Any Other Name….

Today I stumbled across a list of the “Most Popular Wacky Pet Names of 2012”. This list is compiled by the folks at VPI pet insurance. You can click on the list name (it's a hyperlink) and unleash the hilarity in your own homes. Some of the names I thought were hysterical like Pico de Gato and Chew Barka (cat then dog for those of you who don’t speak Spanish or Star Wars). Some, not so wacky. But I thought the dog name Otto Itchy Bobo was pretty funny. I’ll let you determine in your own mind what you think a Bobo is.

Amidst all this laughing it got me to thinking about the long list of nicknames that have developed for the kids. In the spirit of list making and good fun, I am sharing the nickname lists for Blue, Bettina and Girly Girl.

Girly Girl greyhound enjoys the first snow
As the first and most beloved of my furry children (are you allowed to say you have a favorite when your kids are dogs?), I will start with Girly Girl:                                              

Boo Boo
Sweat Pea
Tiger Tiger Burning Bright
My Little Fawn
Poo Poopy Doo
Mumma’s Baby
Sweet Girl
Baby Cakes
Sweetie Petey
Slobber Chops
Snaggle Tooth
Turkey Lou
H Puppy
Honey Bunny
Petunia Lee
Baby Baby
Baby Girl
Pretty Pretty
Sugar Plum
Cinnamon Girl (there were times she actually smelled like cinnamon!)
Silly Billy Girl
Mumma’s Best Girl
Steel Core Magnolia

I know, there is a definite food theme going on. Grammy pointed that out to me once. And there are a number of these that have been retired permanently as I can’t ever imagine using them for another hound.

Blue greyhound runs like the wind
Blue is up next:

Blue Bayou
Blue Manchu
Master Spotty One
Mr. Moo
Mr. Ed
Deadeye Dick
Big Lug
Big Galute
Numb Nut
Baby Boy
Little Boy Blue
Stink Bug
Blue Koo Kachu
D Puppy
Pee Pee Foot
Stinky McStinkerton
Stinkybus or Stincubus
Big Dog
Big Doggie Dog
Humpy  (Not for the reason you're all thinking! When you rub his bum, he humps his back up.)
Mumma's Best Boy
Handsome Pantsome
Hub Bub
Dances with Hunger
Big Diggity Dog
Big Poppy

Yes there is a theme to this set as well.  Blue regularly pees on his feet and his breath smells like a Maine mud-flat. 

Bettina greyhound-what?
And last but not least, Bettina whom you might think has a short list because she has been with us the shortest amount of time.  But oh, not so:

Crazy Mo
Black Beauty
Bettina the Black
Nosy Gurry
Bat Girl
Fussy Budget
Tooty Butt
Beelzebettina, Princess of Darkness
Her Royal Highness the Crown Regent of Fussypants
VP of Checking Stuff Out
Little Bit
Lilly Belle
Baby Bit
Silly Bit

What can I say about Bettina.  She's a bossy, mouthy, instigator who can't sit still for more than a few minutes.  If Blue is a bit autistic, Bettina is most definitely ADHD.  I'm not sure that comes through in her list of nicknames...

OK, I'm dying to hear what you all call yours!


  1. you are very creative with nicknames... do the dogs remember them all? ;)

  2. HILARIOUS! That is quite a collection of nicknames! Do they even know their real names (ha)? I especially laughed at Pee Pee Foot because I call Casper, Mr. Pee Pee Head because he pees on his foot, then when he sleeps he hooks his foot over his head, then when I kiss his head...well, you get the idea. Awesome post.

  3. And I bet they answer to everyone of them. I don't think the list for my guys would be as long, but somehow we all end up with a handful of names for each pup. I used to work with a Mr. Bobo.

  4. Wow, that's a whole lot of nicknames!

    Wilson's main nickname is Winkie and Jimmy has BoBo....plus a few others because he is quite an animated boy!

  5. We have nicknames for Those Brindle Kids, too! Unfortunately, most of the names are really more sounds than words. One of Maggie's is: Knut-mae. (Yeah, really.) I don't know how we came up with it but we all use it and MOST IMPORTANTLY, she responds to it!


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