What’s My Line?

In the not so distant past our friend Drew created coats of arms for the kids. We’re pretty proud of these and ever since they were bestowed upon us we (Mumma) feel like we should have a Latin motto as well. Venerable institutions have them. Royal families have them. Ivy League colleges have them. It just makes sense that Blue and Bettina have one as well.

The only problem is Mumma took a couple semesters of Latin back in high school and would be hard pressed to conjugate a verb beyond amo, amas, amat. We must rely on the next best thing…the internet. There are a number of purported converters of English to Latin but if you’ve ever tried running the result back through a Latin to English converter you find the resulting motto isn’t anything like your original phrase. It’s a sad game of telephone technology style.
Bettina greyhound coat of arms
Here is Bettina's coat of arms with the current motto.

The next best thing was to find smarter people than you who have already posted Latin mottos online and appropriate one for yourself. We couldn’t find “I eat, therefore I am” or “I came, I saw, I took a nap” translated into Latin but we did find some that seemed like they would be suitable. We just ask your help in narrowing it down to one! Let us know which one gets your vote. Below are the contenders:

Ecce Potestas Casei (Behold the power of cheese)

Canis Meus Id Comedit (My dog ate it)

Frena Proferis Teneo (I brake for animals)

Radix Lecti (Couch potato – for the record we tried this one in the translator and came up with something so far foreign to the words couch or potato that we were almost forced to give up our quest for a motto.)

Hic Sunt Dracones (Here be dragons) or maybe Hic Sunt Canem

Ex Igne Pulchritudo (From fire, beauty)

Incitatus (Speed Demon)

Now mind you, I rely on the kindness of internet strangers. It is possible that our new motto may actually say something like “eat at Joe’s.” We’ll never know. But thanks to public school systems that are sadly lacking in the classical languages, most of you won’t know either.

PS:  If there are any of you out there who remember your Latin grammar, we would love to see the following:

We ate, we pooped, mum scooped

I came, I saw, I rescued

Our enemies we lick to death  (or alternately 'Our enemies we lean on until they fall over')

Always hungry


  1. I too had Latin a long, long time ago! It really does help figure out the meaning of a word I don't know, even to this day. But, I certainly don't remember enough to write a motto....

    I like your Always Hungry. Not much could be more appropriate for a dog! Going along the lines of knowing Semper Fidelis is Always Loyal...I looked up Hungry and got several different words. The one I liked best Impastus....Unfed or Hungry....

    So.... Semper Impastus!

    I also liked your Incitatus....perfect for a greyhound and it sort of sounds like a Harry Potter incantation....

  2. Gosh, I like the current motto, but I'll play along and cast my vote for Speed Demon.

  3. I like Ex Igne Pulchritudo the best, but there are several of them that I think really suit you. I never had Latin in high school because it wasn't offered. I'm surprised Bettina didn't insist on Black Dogs Rule as your motto!

  4. I took latin, but don't remember any but medical latin. However I like the one in the picture really well!

  5. I did Latin my first year in high school and amo, amas, amat is all I can remember too! I think Beryl would like Hic Sunt Dracones, she can breathe fire at the boys sometimes :) Asher would be what Taryn suggested Semper Impastus :)


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