A Greyhound Mad-Lib Part II

Adopting a retired racing greyhound can end up__________(active verb ending in ing) your
Blue and Bettina Greyhound-can't miss a minute
life.  Greyhounds are generally very ______________(adjective).  They are frequently found laying on the most comfortable ___________(noun) in your house!  You should always use a _______________(noun) whenever outdoors with your new friend.  Some greyhounds will ______________(verb), _______________(verb) and ________________(verb).  All of these activities are perfectly normal.  If you have a fenced in _____________(noun), it can be breathtaking to watch your greyhound _______________(verb).

Greyhounds can be very ___________________(adjective).  They enjoy playing with ________________(plural noun).  But be sure to monitor your new greyhound to make sure they don’t get it caught in their ____________(body part).


  1. Ha ha ha! I had a little too much fun filling in some of those blanks!

  2. I really like that photo and am glad that the fill in blanks were fun for me too!


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