Like Fine Wine...

On December 10th my Big Poppy turned 11 years old.  We've had a discussion and I've let him know that his goal now is 19 years.  I thought about 20 years but I didn't want to get greedy.  So 19 years it is.  And when we get to 19 years, what's one more year?

We celebrated that evening with a big birthday cookie and some presents including his most favorite of all, Greenies.  In honor of the 11 years Mumma decided to forego a silly birthday hat.  But I make no such promises for his 12th birthday.

The Big Cookie
The Big Cookie

Blue the greyhound enjoys his birthday cookie
About to punch the paparazzo in the face.

Bettina photo bomb
Bettina photo bomb.  "Ummm, where is my cookie?"

Blue the greyhound in his new scarf
It's just a scarf Mumma.  Not a fashion shoot.

Bettina searches for crumbs
What's a girl got to do to get her own Big Cookie?  What?  I had one in October?
I'm QUITE sure I would have remembered that.


  1. Happy 11th Birthday! I love that tie-dye/spin art coat!

  2. Happy birthday for year 11! It sure looks like you had a nice cookie and even Bettina got to eat crumbs! Nineteen would be a great goal!


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